Sunday, April 3, 2011


Hello Friends -

I use the  term  nerdy with affection, love and maybe to recapture it just a little bit.

I love the way this card ended up.  The paper is from Jillibean Soup's Atomic Soup collection.  The digi is from Tiddly Inks and her name is Gertrude.  I printed the beaker and flask twice on another piece of the Atomic Soup collection then I pop dotted one on top of the other.

The sentiment is computer generated.  I must have printed that sentiment a dozen times.  I couldn't get it quite the way I wanted it and then, once I got it right I realized it should be brown instead of black.  In the end, the entire thing came together the way I envisioned it.

We survived the trek north but it was just as cold as I feared.  The Wonderkid has now returned to being trapped inside.  We have a tent set-up in the living room and he runs up and down the halls of my 92 year-old Granny's "retirement village".

I'll leave you with some unique and interesting pictures.

This is a piece of artwork around the corner from my family. I've driven by many times but this morning I decided to stop and share it with you.  I remember when this area was all corn fields.  Now, you couldn't find a corn field (besides this concrete one) to save your life.  Here is the Wonderkid to give you a little perspective of the size.

Yes, he is a little guy but those are some big corn ears.

No, I didn't want to show you the shamrock on the top of the water tower.  That isn't so incredible even for someone that loves St. Patrick's Day.
Yes, I know you've seen water towers before.  Who cares, right?  Well, have you ever wondered what you can do with the bottom of a water tower?  I know my mind goes in strange directions and these are some of the things I think about.  In this town they turned the bottom of the water tower into a ...

Fire Station. I was hoping they would have these doors open
but no such luck.  Take my word for it, the fire trucks are back there.  Here are the windows for the bunk rooms and other living areas.
Without actual trucks, the Wonderkid was not especially impressed but he thought this would be a good place to be a fireman (His current career choice).

Do you have water towers like this in your area?


Georgiana said...

I must be a little nerdy because I think this card is great! Must be the teacher in me! Interesting corn. It makes me think of the biggest ball of yarn or giant lobster.


DonnaMundinger said...

Your card is to stinkin' cute and WOW, what cool pix. That corn is amazing! xxD