Saturday, July 31, 2010

3 Dimensional Christmas Tree

The next challenge is a three dimensional Christmas Tree. Okie Ladybug was kind enough to create a cut file which I used.  Okie Ladybug was very disciplined and put all of her branches in lines with different kinds in each row.  At times I like to be disciplined in the same way but I felt like a tree is more organic and needed to have the branches all over the place.  I ended up using a lot more branches than Okie Ladybug (in fact you can't even see the embossing I did on this one).

Just a little side note -- Okie Ladybug is a fantastic blogger.  She always makes me laugh when I read her posts.  She is very descriptive.  Of all of the cricut bloggers, I think she would be one of the most fun to have dinner with.

Here is the challenge:

Create a three dimensional Christmas Tree like Okie's! You can use this tutorial, or June's Triangular Treat Box tutorial on Thursday, 7/22 ~ or whatever three dimensional tree you desire!

And here is my tree:
I embossed the box and I added stickles (gold and green) to the branches.  I put a ribbon through the middle so I could hang it on the tree and use it as a gift box.

Red and White Card

Simple cards are my favorite.  I like a couple of colors, not a ton of embellishments.

This challenge is something I enjoy and I can imagine using.  Here is the challenge:

1. Make a Holiday card, any size, using mostly white and just one other color.
2. Add something glittery! (Glitter, Glimmer Mist, Rhinestones, etc.)
3. Have fun!!!
And here is what I made:
I used one of Capadia Design's hints about using paper wisely.  I cut the scallop and the stars from the red square under the white square.  I meant to emboss the white square but forgot it my focus on the bow.  In addition, the strip of red on the inside has three stars cut out.  They were then used on the front of the card.


My favorite craft blogger is Diane at Capadia Designs.  I love her designs, she is great at helping when you have a problem or issue with design studio or a project.  She makes you feel like she is paying attention to you specifically.  I was reminded of the Cuttlebug Challenges by Diane and decided to take her up on the project.

I loved this project.  I haven't opened her cut file but I will soon.  I'm curious to see if she also put a bottom on her luminaires.  I decided they would be a little more stable if I put a flap on the bottom and then a base or floor.  It also helps me keep them square.

So, here are my two luminaires.
I feel like I've seen this one before.  It is similar to a number of candle holders and other decorations from Colorado. 

I'm happy to share my .cut file for either of these.

Wearable Art

This challenge was a lot of fun.

Create a piece of jewelry using your Cuttlebug

I didn't expect to like what I made.  I was pleasantly surprised.  I embossed a piece of blue paper and put it between the glass.  Then I cut some vinyl snowflakes (because it was vinyl I was able to use When Its Cold Outside).
Side One
Side Two

Yummy for the Tummy


Cover your favorite chocolate bar, then post the project.

This is one of those times when I followed the directions exactly (or as close as I could without having a crimper) and it just didn't do anything for me.  It might be that I don't consider giving or getting Hershey bars to be that big of a deal.  I just couldn't imagine using this

It looks nice enough, it just doesn't work for me.

So, I went back and looked at one of my favorite boxes.  It was one of the first boxes I downloaded from someone's blog (GSuttle).  I like her box but I wanted to make it "mine".  So, I modified and tweaked and her is what I came up with

This is the correct size for 3 Ghiradelli chocolate squares.  My Costco sells them in a huge bag (great for the wallet but not the waistline).  The paper came from Hobby Lobby this week.  Normally it makes me crazy when they put the Christmas stuff up in July, this year I didn't mind because I needed some paper.  This is Paper Studio "Greetings of the Season" pack.  Hobby Lobby was having a half off sale so these were very reasonable this week.
This close-up shows the embossing with the gold I drew on the embossed image.

I'm proud of this one.  I inked the bow but not the wreath. Next time I think I might choose a green that isn't as close to the wreath for the leaves.The cut comes from Christmas Solutions cart.

Christmas Ornament

I think this ended up looking good.  In fact, the picture looks even better than the actual ornament.

I embossed a piece of Core'dinations for the bottom of the tin and around the edge.  I used crystal Stickles on the trees and church.  The church is on the inside of the lid with the trees on the tin.  Then I added fake snow inside the tin.  It has a bit of a snow globe effect (which got me thinking about making snow globes).

Christmas Bows

Here is my next project.  I think it turned out pretty but generally speaking I don't think it is worth the effort to make one of these.

Your Challenge is to grab some pretty paper and make your own gift bow.

Christmas Coasters

I've gone back and forth on this challenge.  Sometimes I love it and sometimes I hate it.  All of the time I think there must be a better way.  

The cork I bought for the coasters is about .25 inches smaller than the coaster.  The ink smudges way too easily.  I wasn't happy with most of the stamps I have. Then when I went to seal the ink it all ran from the Kyrlon sealer.  I had to wipe it all off and start again.  I don't really like the way these turned out.  I'm not certain I'll try this again.

Head to your home improvement store for some ceramic tiles, and create coasters for yourself!

Snowflakes are Pretty

Create a snowflake card or ornament based on Bonnie's tutorial! You can use a Cricut cut, or a stamp if you don't have the die to cut out the snowflake.... Will you make both????

I don't have the die that Bonnie used but I have some great snowflakes on my carts.  The logical place to start would be When Its Cold Outside but I know most of those cuts (this is one of the first carts I bought) and they are very intricate.  I knew I didn't want it to be too tough to lift all of the little pieces.  So, I kept looking and found this beautiful cut.

The card on the left follows Bonnie's tutorial.  I embossed the light blue piece, I stamped a sentiment on the inside.  I just didn't really like it.  It looks better in the picture than it does in person.

However, I fell in love with the card before I put the embossed piece on it.  It is clean and dramatic.  With a little bit of bling from Creative Charms ( and I love it.  The funny thing is this card would fulfill two other challenges (Capadia Design's two cards from one and Sandee's White Challenge).  I like doing monocramatic cards and I often times think in terms of two cards in one (Thank you Diane).  So, I'm going to use these two for my challenge here and do other cards for the other challenges -- now to figure out what to do for Diane and Sandee's challenges.

I removed the snowflake from the cutting mat and glued the negative straight to the dark blue card stock.  I've got the snowflake ready to add to another card.

Here is a picture of all three cards that I've made from this design.  I think folks will see more of these in the future.  I really like the way they came out.  (I'm auditioning cards for this year's Christmas list).

Star Shape Card

The next challenge came at 1:00 am.  I was actually awake and worked on this one right then.

I've never made a shape card before.  I'm not crazy about the way this one hinges.  Because it comes together at a point I couldn't figure out a way to weld it in Design Studio.

The silver paper is from DCWV's metallic stack.  The other papers came from my stash. The snowflake brad and small silver ones are from Spare Parts.

Create a Star shaped card
  Here is a view so you can see the inside.  

Z Card

I have been taking part in the Cuttlebug Challenge 24 hours of Christmas in July.  This was the first project.  I'm going to post the challenge and the project on my blog.  Then I can link the projects to their page.  If I win the challenge I get a prize.  Here is the challenge:

Create a Christmas themed Z fold card.

I liked this card more than I thought I would.  It was also a great way to start out the 24 hours of challenges.

I embossed the green piece with swiss dots.  The paper and ribbon was from my stash.

Northwestern Middle School Computer Labs

I've been working on the computer labs at one of the local middle schools.  The request was to "decorate" them.  When we started I don't think anyone had an idea of what this would mean.  I'm pleased with many parts of the project.
In all honesty, I can't take full credit for how they look.  The direction of the labs was identified by the computer tech at the school.  She gave me ideas and then I figured out how to make it work.  We had a rough start when we tried to mix the vinyl with packaged posters.  We then realized that in order to have a good look we needed to have all of the pieces either cut from vinyl or laminated but with the same look and feel of the vinyl pieces.

For those that do this kind of work, I use my Cricut Expression on a daily basis.  I also use both Design Studio and Sure-Cuts-A-Lot (SCAL).  SCAL has really opened up the possibilities for me.  I'm amazed at what a difference it makes.  That being said, I still use Design Studio and all of my Cricut Carts.  I look on the carts to see if I have an image before I go to SCAL and either buy an individual image or make it myself.

Here is the computer lab with the math theme.
This shows some of the graphics (I bought these from Creative Delights), the computer terms and the websites.
One of the corners
This is the calculator that I created.  I used squares (rounded corners and straight) and then I added all of the buttons.  If anyone wants a SCUT file for it, I'm happy to share.
The mouse tail is made out of macrame cord.  It goes from the end of the computer mouse (another one I made myself and can share the SCUT file) to the Grace, the mouse, and across the top of the room.  We'll see how long it takes the students to pull it down.
Check out the compass.  It is from the Cricut Locker Talk cart.

Why I'm doing this

I'm not normally a fan of blogs but I've decided this might be the best way to share many of the things I create.  I've been working on a number of paper crafting projects (right now I'm trying to finish 24 challenges from Cuttlebug Challenges -- I have 10 done).  I'm also working on decorating the computer labs at Northwestern Middle School.

I thought about putting the pictures in a flicker account but I can't explain the pictures very well.  I thought about putting everything on my facebook account but then I thought a lot of friends that don't care about my creations will be stuck looking at my stuff.  So...

a blog.

This blog will not be political.  It also will have a little, but not much, of a personal nature.  For example, if I'm making a birthday card for a family member then readers are likely to know about a family member but I'm not going to bore everyone with the daily doings of the wonderkid.

Welcome to my blog.  I'm open to comments and suggestions.  I would love to have you follow me and I'll try to figure out how to set-up the email system so you can get this in your inbox (for those folks that don't have a blog reader set-up).