Saturday, July 31, 2010

Why I'm doing this

I'm not normally a fan of blogs but I've decided this might be the best way to share many of the things I create.  I've been working on a number of paper crafting projects (right now I'm trying to finish 24 challenges from Cuttlebug Challenges -- I have 10 done).  I'm also working on decorating the computer labs at Northwestern Middle School.

I thought about putting the pictures in a flicker account but I can't explain the pictures very well.  I thought about putting everything on my facebook account but then I thought a lot of friends that don't care about my creations will be stuck looking at my stuff.  So...

a blog.

This blog will not be political.  It also will have a little, but not much, of a personal nature.  For example, if I'm making a birthday card for a family member then readers are likely to know about a family member but I'm not going to bore everyone with the daily doings of the wonderkid.

Welcome to my blog.  I'm open to comments and suggestions.  I would love to have you follow me and I'll try to figure out how to set-up the email system so you can get this in your inbox (for those folks that don't have a blog reader set-up).

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