About Me

For many years I've worked as an organizer and consultant.  The work pace is fast and full of pressure.  So, one of my favorite ways to unwind became baking and cooking.  The only problem, it just isn't healthy to eat that many blondies, brownies, cookies, loaves of banana bread, jars of pickles, jams, fruit butters, etc.  When I moved to Atlanta, to be near my family, I had fewer and fewer folks able to eat my concoctions.  Then, after years and years of creating food, I started to create craft projects. Similar to many other people, I started papercrafting with scrapbook pages when I was pregnant with the Wonderkid (my son).  Before long that turned into mini albums, cards and other paper crafts.

When I received my Cricut Expression in 2009, it was all over.  I had a new way to deal with stress and I had no calories to count. In addition to playing with paper, I've been cutting vinyl and putting it on anything that doesn't move.  I use both heat transfer and regular wall vinyl and I've made a dozen t-shirts for The Wonderkid. 

I still do canning, bake and make other edible treats but I spend more time with cards and other paper creations these days.   I'm hoping to bring all of my crafting, baking and canning together and figure out where it can take me. 

I started this blog as the easiest way to post creations and share them through challenges, message boards and other online forums.  I'm still finding my way but I feel like I may have finally found my voice on the blog.  We'll see if it lasts but hopefully folks find this informative, maybe get a little inspiration and a bit of amusement.  I love your comments.  You can reach me in one of two ways, leave a comment on any post.  I love to read comments and if you provide a way for me to contact you, I will try to get back to you.  Or, you can email me at KSDCreations at gmail dot com.  (you know the drill take out the spaces and put it in proper format).

Thank you for looking and I hope you enjoy my little corner of the world wide web.