Saturday, July 31, 2010


My favorite craft blogger is Diane at Capadia Designs.  I love her designs, she is great at helping when you have a problem or issue with design studio or a project.  She makes you feel like she is paying attention to you specifically.  I was reminded of the Cuttlebug Challenges by Diane and decided to take her up on the project.

I loved this project.  I haven't opened her cut file but I will soon.  I'm curious to see if she also put a bottom on her luminaires.  I decided they would be a little more stable if I put a flap on the bottom and then a base or floor.  It also helps me keep them square.

So, here are my two luminaires.
I feel like I've seen this one before.  It is similar to a number of candle holders and other decorations from Colorado. 

I'm happy to share my .cut file for either of these.


- - Sheryl - - said...

very nice - I hope to make one tonight too

Diane said...

Thanks so much for the lovely compliment. I was away and not able to keep up with the challenge participants but I found this today.

You did a great job - the trees look very nice. There are so many possibilities with this simple idea.

My file does not have a base (it is more of a sleeve) but it is a good idea to have one to make it stay square. I didn't use a base because I was thinking they could be folded flat and stored or sent in the mail more easily without one.