Saturday, July 31, 2010

3 Dimensional Christmas Tree

The next challenge is a three dimensional Christmas Tree. Okie Ladybug was kind enough to create a cut file which I used.  Okie Ladybug was very disciplined and put all of her branches in lines with different kinds in each row.  At times I like to be disciplined in the same way but I felt like a tree is more organic and needed to have the branches all over the place.  I ended up using a lot more branches than Okie Ladybug (in fact you can't even see the embossing I did on this one).

Just a little side note -- Okie Ladybug is a fantastic blogger.  She always makes me laugh when I read her posts.  She is very descriptive.  Of all of the cricut bloggers, I think she would be one of the most fun to have dinner with.

Here is the challenge:

Create a three dimensional Christmas Tree like Okie's! You can use this tutorial, or June's Triangular Treat Box tutorial on Thursday, 7/22 ~ or whatever three dimensional tree you desire!

And here is my tree:
I embossed the box and I added stickles (gold and green) to the branches.  I put a ribbon through the middle so I could hang it on the tree and use it as a gift box.

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