Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Halloween - a little late

Hello Friends -

Here are the treats I passed out at Trunk-or-Treat and on Halloween.  The Wonderkid was a Storm Trooper for Halloween so I decided the best way to bag up the candy was with these wonderful Storm Trooper toppers.  They were designed as an party invitation but I thought this worked well.

I found this design already made up by Kristen of Katydid Creativity & Paper.  You can get the SCUT files or SVGs here.  She is kind enough to share them.  Scroll down a little if you are wanting these, they are below a couple of Christmas cards.  Really, this is the correct page.

Here is the inside of the toppers with the candy stapled inside.

I didn't want the staples to show on the front so I only stapled it to the back of the topper.  They seemed to stay closed just fine.  I think they were big enough.

Here is the entire tray of goodie bags.

Here is the car decoration for Trunk-or-Treat.

I made this decoration in no time (as you can probably tell).  I needed something to decorate the car and I really couldn't come up with much.  The entire week before Halloween was a mess for me.  I found these through the Sure Cuts A Lot Forum.  They are from a couple of different fonts/dingbats at Iconian Fonts.

And now with the little Storm Trooper to hand out the candies.  He decided he didn't like the helmet so he ended up going as Luke dressed like a Storm Trooper.

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