Monday, October 4, 2010

Cookie Monster Bucket

I swear I wasn't drunk when I took this picture.
I know everyone is moving out of the summer phase and into the Halloween fun but I had to post this bucket I made for the Wonderkid.  Most kids seem to be into Elmo.  He even has his own show these days but... the Wonderkid is a big fan of Cookie Monster. I believe the issue is Elmo is too cute so the Wonderkid thinks Elmo might be competition but who can help loving Cookie Monster?

When I asked the Wonderkid who he wanted on his bucket he immediately said Cookie Monster.  I lucked out because the "J" on the Sesame Street Font is Cookie Monster. Each letter has a different Sesame Street character with it.   I was initially a bit intimidated by the Disney, Pooh and Sesame Street carts.  They look soooo complicated.  I have found that true of most of the Disney ones but not Sesame Street or Pooh.  If you look at Cookie Monster, he only has 5 colors including the purple for the letter and the black for the shadow. There are only 6 pieces to this cut.   It is very easy to make.  The font is also cute, although I tend to use Mickey Font more than this one. 

A couple of tips on using vinyl.
1.  If you are working on something that isn't flat you need to work with the curve.
2.  Start with the smaller end of the bucket/glass and work toward the larger end, otherwise you end up with wrinkles.
3.  It is very difficult to have everything exactly straight without wrinkles.  I think the lack of wrinkles is more important than the straight so I work around the straight part.
4.  It is easier to make things "work" if you cut the base as all one piece.

I hope you like the Wonderkid's new bucket.  He is happily filling it with sand now but we'll soon be putting blocks in it to carry around the house.

Today I went to the Georgia "mountains".  For those of you not familiar with the Georgia "mountains" don't think Colorado, think foothills of the Blue Ridge.  Georgia has mountains like Ohio and Michigan have mountains not like Colorado and Montana/Utah have mountains.  That being said, I was in a wonderful small town in the Georgia mountains (bonus to these mountains, they are only an hour from our suburban house) called Elijay. Elijay has the Georgia apple festival which luckily is next weekend not this weekend. I can't imagine how bad the traffic will be next weekend.  So, while I was in Elijay I stopped at a roadside stand and bought some treats.  This is what they look like right now.  I'll show you pictures tomorrow and Tuesday as these are turned into more yummy goodness.

Want to guess what I'm going to make with these?

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Val said...

Your bucket is awesome!! I would fill it with cookies myself;)