Thursday, October 7, 2010

Its Here Its Here

Look what I won from Core'dinations.  For the first time EVER I won something.  Core'dinations was having a blog swap with MyStampBox.  I was the lucky commenter.  I know, it wasn't tough, I only had to talk.  For those that know me well, finding something to say isn't normally a problem for me.

Anyway, I won this great package of Core'dinations.  I've been wanting to play with the Jenny Bowlin paper for awhile now.  So, now I have an entire stack.  I also won some White Wash cardstock, 80 sheets of ColorCore and a Dust Buddy.  I've never even heard of a Dusty Buddy so I'll let you know how that works out.  I promise to post pictures of what I make with my treats very soon.  I would love to play tomorrow but I'm guessing I may not have a project done until this weekend.

At the beginning of the week I showed everyone a huge pile of stuff I bought in Elijay.  Well, I've finally got it all canned and frozen.  I wish I could say I was good about taking pictures as I worked but when you are elbow deep in pumpkin guts, I just don't remember to grab the camera.

In the end I made 4 cases of Apple Butter and 20 cans of pumpkin puree.  I also have about 10 cups of pumpkin pie seeds drying.  I'm taking a lot of the seeds to the Wonderkid's teachers so they can plant them for next year.  I'm hoping some of those pumpkins come back to me for pies.

Here is the apple butter process.
 I started with 3 bushels of sweet apples.  In this case it was Red and Yellow Delicious, Mutsu, Fuji, Gala and Winesap apples.
 This is my best friend when it comes to making Apple Sauce and Apple Butter.  It is like my Cricut for apples.  In fact, it has some of the same quirks.  When you get something stuck on the blade it doesn't work as well.  You then need to clean off the blade and start again.  Short of that, it is amazing. 
 Here it is with an apple getting ready to be cored and peeled.  You turn the handle until it engages the apple with the blades on the base.
 Check out the lovely peel going into the compost bucket.
 Here is a close-up of the apple being cut, cored and peeled.  If you see, the apple is cut in a spiral. 
 This is the core stuck to the end.  I then pull the core off and put it in the compost bin with the peels.
 This is what the apples end up looking like.  I haven't cut the end peels off of these yet, but that would be the last step before they go into the crock pot.
Apples ready to start cooking.  Tomorrow I'll show you pictures of the finished product.  It is quite yummy, even if I do say so myself.

What do you think I should make with my new goodies?  If I chose your suggestion, I'll send you a box of sweet goodies.

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ellen s. said...

well i think you should scrap those apple photos!!! :) Thanks for the support, we had a great time at that blog swap.