Sunday, October 23, 2011

Inky Antics Honey Comb cards

Hello Friends -

I have a couple of quick cards today and they AREN'T for a challenge or a Design Team or anything else.  They are just because I made them and I thought I would share.
This card is for the Wonderkid.  He has been sending cards to everyone he knows recently (I think he single-handly plans on saving the US Postal Service).  It is so sweet to watch him color a picture, and write a message and then he gives them to me to put the "card hoppers" on the card base and he signs them and sticks them in an envelope.

So, I decided to make him a card.  Have you ever used the Honey POP from Inky Antics?  I have a bunch of it that I bought when it was all the rage, about a year ago.  I hadn't really used it but I thought it would be great for children's cards.  You can find the Honey POP here  (scroll to the bottom of the page) and they list the stamps they sell to use with it on the same page.

And here is the inside.  I'm normally not one for using all of the stamps in a set on one card but these seem to beg for more and more of them.

A bit of a closer view.
I'm still working out exactly how to get the bits and pieces to work with the honeycomb paper.

Here is the birthday card I made for one of the Wonderkid's classmates.
It isn't the best coloring in the world but the little one didn't mind too much.

I like the way the cake stand worked out but the candle ended up just a bit high.  I need to work on that before I make another one.

So, have you ever used this honeycomb paper?  What do you think of the cards?

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Angie said...

I have never come across this paper before perfect for kids cards them.