Friday, November 19, 2010


Those of you that know me well know that in my real life I am a specialist at Getting Out the Vote, that is getting out the vote for political campaigns.  Well, the campaign season is over (much to the relief of most of the people I know, me included) but I have a request.  Will you go vote on Facebook for a very talented woman. 

Here is the link in case you just want to do this and not worry about learning more.

Diane of Capadia Designs is one of those bloggers that really seems to care and share.  She is also incredibly talented to boot. One of my favorite stories is about an older gentleman that was trying to make a design for a lap tray.  Diane really went above and beyond and created it for him (with planes in it) and then taught everyone how they could do something similar.

In case you need the link again.

Diane has submitted a layout for a free Crafting Cruise with Cricut.  There are 5 people trying for this cruise and I'm hoping Diane will be the one to do this.  So, I'm asking for your help. 

Please follow this link and you will find her layout to vote on.  It is called "Generations". 

Thank you for voting.  I will try not to bother you again until the 2011 primaries.

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