Sunday, March 20, 2011

Farmers Market

This weekend I sold Jams, Jellies, Fruit Butters and Pickles at my first Farmer's Market.  I've had lots of friends tell me I should do this and for some strange reason I was resistant.  No longer.  I'm a convert.  I sold 165 jars in about 4 hours.  It was a great day and I'm almost out of stock.  I think I can do one more market before canning season starts again.

In preparation for the Farmer's Market, in between working on contracts and the normal things that happen in day-to-day life, I made a couple of table top signs and the Wonderkid's school asked for banners to let people know about the Garden Activities during the Market.
Table Top signs with the start of a logo.

I'm still working on the logo so all comments are welcome (constructive criticism especially).  I want something that I can use for the canning and for crafting.  I would like to put it at the top of the blog and make it the header for my emails.  It should be friendly and approachable, a little homey maybe but still somewhat creative and fun.  I like the idea of a handwriting font although I'm not sold on this one, yet.  I was hoping the drops could look like ink drops or they might be splatters of tomato sauce, blueberry jelly, etc.  Did I achieve any of my goals?

Here are closer views of both of them.  I cut everything out of vinyl (easy to remove once I have landed on a final version).

Here are the banners for the school's activities.  Remember that I had this request on Wednesday for a Saturday morning event.  Not a lot of time to get everything together. I was cutting at 2 AM and weeding while I waited in line at the large trash amnesty day in our town.

I wasn't the one to hang either of these.  I probably would have done them a little different.  The next one is pulling because they taped it to the supports.  Oh well, I really need to have more hours in the day.

The Wonderkid wanted in the picture.  He is also wearing on of the shirts I made for him last year.
The lettering is from the Cherry Limeade cart.  The flowers and watering can came from the April Showers cart.  I need to remember this font more often.  It is a lot of fun for a sign like this.  I really needed a bit more time to make the cuts work the right way.  It is a bit of a bummer that it isn't a bit nicer.  I keep trying to remind myself that it was only up for about 4 hours.

Spring has finally arrived in Atlanta.  I was reading  a post from the Scrappy Jedi and she made me think.  

It was a wonderful post about how not to work on your birthday.  Now, I happened to be reading it the night after my birthday and bemoaning the fact that I was crazy busy on my birthday.  However, she showed an incredible picture of a cherry blossom and I kept thinking I should at least try to take some pictures of the cherry blossoms.  This cherry tree has branches trying to get in my window so I hear it even when I can't see it.

Here is an attempt at a picture of the blossoms:

I think it came out OK.  

I also took a picture of the apple tree at the bottom of the drive.  I had a wonderful picture of this same tree during the snow this winter (which was about 6 weeks ago).  I think these two pictures might be begging for a scrapbook page.  What do you think?

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Linda said...

Hi, I think yes on the scrapbook page for the tree, and congrats on the sell at the Farmers Market.
It is freezing rain right now, and the blossoms on the tree are very happy thoughts!

Chloe and Her Clip On Koalas said...

Your driveway is GORGEOUS! I think you should frame those photos in a shadow box! LOVE your logo in progress. I'm a bold bright kinda-girl so I like the red rather than burgundy. That would look awesome as a blog header too. Message from Jacob - he is definitely coming to HOTLANTA! He is hot after all! Jacob has survived a four and three year old... he's ready for Mr 3. Thanks for the giggle.

Kristin said...

Beautiful! Those pictures are definitely begging to be scrapped. I just love cherry blossoms!

Cathy said...

I love farmers markets, you meet the nicest people there. Your driveway is gorgeous, I love spring too. And I love following your blog. TFS

DonnaMundinger said...

WooHoo on your jams an jellies sales. I love getting stuff at the Farmer's Market. Your banners are great. Can't believe you whipped those out so fast and WOW the Driveway pix are spectacular! Can I come live at your house? xxD