Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Hello Friends -

I know many people take stock of their life at the first of the year.  They make their resolutions, decide what they want to do different and bam, off they go.  New Year's has never been a big deal for me and I've never spent much time thinking about changes.  I'm normally just too tired after the mad rush from Halloween through Christmas. .  For me, those two or three months are the craziest time of the year.   I want to relax and take it easy for a bit

However, my birthday brings on the thoughts.  This year, everything seemed to line up for some real introspection.  And here I am.  I've felt like something was missing from my blogging and my crafting.  I'm not completely certain what (although I'm getting a better sense) I just know I need to make some changes.  I know I want to "take things up a notch".  

Here is some eye candy to keep you engaged.
I took this picture at the Wonderkid's school while I waited in carpool.
While I was trying to figure out what changes I needed to make, I was reintroduced to a blogger I really enjoy and respect.  It is the Scrappy Jedi.  I may have connected with her because she talked about what she did on her birthday which was the day before mine, or I might have connected because she is living in the South of the US, or I might have connected because I like her writing and crafting style.  However, it got me to thinking about why I like some blogs more than others.

When I started checking out blogs about two years ago I wasn't very discerning.  Part of that came from my need to learn SOOOO many different things.  I was trying to figure out a lot about papercrafting and in case I haven't mentioned, patience is NOT one of my virtues. So, I was gobbling up information almost anywhere I could.  I would follow any blog and I find that I now have over 100 blogs in my reader.  Enter Shimelle and her Blogging for Scrapbookers class.  This class has already been more than I expected.  It is helping me to focus my blogging and hopefully my scrapbooking also.   

Here is another picture, stay with me here.
I absolutely love the colors and look of the Graphic 45 Steampunk paper.
In thinking about which blogs I really like and which I just follow I came to a realization.  I follow because I like the projects but I get excited because I like the writing.  When I get comments on my blog, I'm finding it is true of other people as well.  So, I'm going to give you my top 5 personal blogs (in no real order).  

Capadia Designs has been one of my favorite blogs since I started reading blogs.  Diane, the author, has a great way of explaining the technical parts of the Provo Craft line of tools. I wouldn't have gotten nearly as far as I did with Design Studio without her help and support.  She is able to make anyone feel like she is talking directly to them. She is warm and invites you into her life without wallowing in mundane details or trivialities.  I find that I like what she does with most of her designs.  

Popsicle Toes is another of my lasting favorites.  Honestly, she never makes something that I don't swoon over.  I love her style because she isn't nearly as flowery and pastel based as many papercrafters.  Also, she introduced me to two digi stamp companies and my favorite challenge blog.  Even when I find a blog or challenge I really like without her, I'll find she has been there before.  I love the way Donna (the one with the Popsicle Toes) explains her project, she is a little self-deprecating without totally putting herself down. She lets you into her life but just a little bit.  I can still picture her cat getting her back up because Donna hadn't made a Valentines card from the cat to Donna's husband.  It makes me giggle every time.
Daffodils also from the Wonderkid's school.

From cats to dogs, I mentioned Kath and Buddy yesterday when I decided to show my scrapping MESS.  Buddy has a separate voice on the blog and does giveaways while Kath does the crafting and blathers on about the King of papercrafting, Tim Holtz.  Kath's designs are wonderful.  She clearly loves some of the same companies as I do but the reason I keep coming back, I LOVE to read about her adventures.  I even enjoy seeing her work desk every Wednesday.  For one thing, I get insight into her crafting "system" from the everyday mundane things she talks about (a couple days of cutting cardstock for card bases or ordering and waiting for the post to arrive).  Again, it is her writing style that keeps me hooked and looking for my next installment like a good soap opera (without the crazy drama).

I'm going to round this off with Ink Stains.  Roni pushes the envelope and does a number of crafts that I find challenging and interesting.  No one else has done a weekly tutorial on charms.  She is currently working with her followers to make a shape book using different inking techniques.  She also did a calendar earlier in the year.  She is approachable and fun to read but she is also incredibly creative. 

I'm going to wrap this up with a blog called Greenbean Crafterole.  How can you not love a blog with such an interesting and creative name.  It only gets better from there.  Reading her description of herself is the first clue that you are going to have fun.  She is unique and interesting and always finds a new take on things. 

Watermelon Pickles, they truly are YUMMY.

I hope you will indulge me as I go on this journey and maybe we can learn a little bit through the process.  If you have some ideas, I would love to hear them.


DonnaMundinger said...

Aww hon, I'm so honored to be mentioned among your faves. I agree that it's fun to read a bit more than the card recipe when visiting blogs. I think the personal anicdotes make you feel a bit more like you're dropping by to see a friend. Thanks so much for the shout out. xxD

Sian said...

This is a really thoughtful post and I found it captivating. I'm already looking forward to coming back soon and reading some more of your thoughts!

helena said...

love the way you write - really made me want to go and look at the blogs you recommend - off to check them out now

Anniebee said...

Hi! (I just realized that your name isn't posted anywhere that I have seen.) I just stumbled upon your most informative and entertaining blog. Don't ask me how I came here because I haven't a clue. I have been blogging while doing other things, like eating an unhealthy chicken salad sandwich, got up to go to the bathroom and sorted through a container of beads looking for some appropriate for a necklace I was commissioned to make. Went back to the blogging and here you are! I really believe blog sprites have been at work because I honestly don't recall coming to this site. I became enthralled with the first two posts and would still be reading but for the late hour. It's after 2AM here. Anyway, I just wanted you to know that I have found one of those blogs you mentioned in this post... yours. I am following and have you bookmarked so I can easily return to read more.... past and future posts. Thank you for making my day!


Stephanie Medley-Rath said...

Thanks for sharing your favorite blogs. I have a tendency to follow almost any blog I stumble upon that is remotely interesting. Then every few months I clean out my reader and unsubscribe from anything that just isn't doing it for me anymore. Found you through BFS.