Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Who are they kidding?

Once again, life got in the way of my fun.  Today's chore, defrost the freezer.  Now, I'm not great in the cleaning department.  I can organize a closet to within an inch of its life but cleaning, you really want someone else to do it.  However, I'm fairly good at the "specialty" projects, such as cleaning out the garage, storage room or craft room.  But today, it is the freezer and we have one of the GIANT chest freezers.

You know the ones, the type that can fit a cow and
Literacy Alive
a pig
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and even a deer.  How do I know? We've done it -- a couple of times.

So, this is a big freezer.

Well, we were convinced this monstrosity of a freezer has a defrost button.  You know, you push it and it heats up a bit and speeds along the defrosting.  So, what do I do, I get on the internet to find the manual (what did we do before the internet?).  The monstrosity is almost 30 years old, the manual that came with it is long gone.  While on the internet I find the manual.  In it, my dear friends at GE say that because of their superbly made freezer, I shouldn't need to defrost it more than once or twice a year.

ONCE OR TWICE A YEAR?  Who are they kidding?  Am I an even worse housekeeper than I think?  Does anyone defrost their freezer that often?  I will admit it, I think the Republicans were in the White House the last time the monstrosity was cleaned.  So, really and truly, how often do you defrost your freezer?  Is this something you plan or do you do it when you are concerned that the ice is starting to climb out of the freezer?  Please, help a girl out here.

Now, on to something fun (although the fact that I don't have the freezer cleaning project hanging over my head is lovely).
This card is to add to my stash for Christmas.  The image is from Tiddly Inks (they are having a great sale today for Christy's birthday).  I actually made two of them, very similar but ...

Because I am taking the admonition to complete the insides now so I won't be scrambling come November/December, here is the inside.  The sentiment is computer generated.

Which do you like better or neither?  Card 1 or card 2 and why?  I love all of the positive feedback but I'd love to know if you have any recommendations for me?  Is there something I should be doing which would make these cards better?

These cards were submitted to Bah Humbug Challenge blog and Crazy Hazelnuts Christmas Challenge.


HarmonySweetpea said...

We defrost when we really need to. That doesn't happen too often lol Last time was at least a year ago.

Hmm difficult choice. I like the shading in tree one but think the gray stands out in picture two so I can't choose which of the cards I like better. Maybe number 2 lol They are both great though.

Lizzie said...

Ah your freezer story made me laugh! I love the photos you chose to illustrate it. So funny! I can't comment on how often I *do* defrost my freezer, since I'm a spoilt brat and have a "frost free" version... however if you asked my how often I clean it out.. yeah, well, like you I'm not great on cleaning... "not often" is probably the best reply!

The cards... hmmm... I like them both. I am not so sure about the 3 little christmas trees on the rectangular one though - they maybe make it a bit "heavy", since it is already quite punchy with that lovely stamped image. Not sure whether one tree... I don't know, as they are cute trees. I wondered if, assuming you have time, the first card would look even better with a short ribbon across that top corner, with the little tree in the centre of the ribbon. Just kind-of coming up at the edge of the red mat, then diagonally across the corner, then back inside at the other red edge? Maybe...
The only other thing I think might enhance these lovely cards, is a teeny bit of diamond/rainbow Stickles, or similar, just to add sparkle to those tree lights and maybe the bows and bells on the tree angels' hats?
I really like the little message inside and the way you have matted this like the picture on the front. Very lovely job!

Hazel said...

I like them both but think the first is my favourite. Thanks for joining in my CHNC challenge 13 - it would be good if you would add a link to my challenge in your post - thanks. Hope to see you again soon - the next challenge is sponsored with a randomly picked prize winner. x

Max said...

LOL ... I NEVER defrost the freezer - that's what husband's are for lol! Both cards are lovely and I can't decide on a favourite. Thank you for sharing with us at Bah! Humbug!

Max's Craft Creations
Bah! Humbug! Challenges DT

DonnaMundinger said...

Our freezer that needed defrosting finally bit the big one. Thank GOD! I used to let it go until you could only fit one Lean Cuisine in it! (JK, but almost, LOL) but ours was an upright. I can't even imagine doing a chest. What a PITA!!! Now I've got a frost free! WooHoo! anyway, both cards are adorable and the sentiment is just charming. I think maybe with the 3 trees on the top left you might need something to balance in the bottom right corner. xxD