Saturday, September 4, 2010

Personalized tshirts

One of the reasons I love making t-shirts is it allows me to personalize them.  While the Sesame Street characters are fun, they aren't as meaningful as this next set. 

Lets start with a little back story.  Growing up, my youngest brothers would have a milkshake made by our Dad almost every night.  It is one of the few things Dad makes.  You know how some people remember Dad making breakfast on Sunday mornings or that one special dish that Dad would make?  Well, in my family, Dad makes milkshakes.  This tradition continued on to the Wonderkid.  He would ask PopPop for a milkshake most nights.  The funny thing is, he really just wanted to eat the ice cream but suggestions that he could do that without PopPop making a milkshake fell on deaf ears (or the ears of a three year old). 

So, I made the Wonderkid and PopPop t-shirts. 

First the Wonderkid's t shirt.

The milkshake can be found on the From My Kitchen cart.  I forgot to flip the image when I cut it so it is actually backwards.  This is OK as long as none of the image is flipped. I made this shirt 6 months ago.  As you can see, the letters are all in place after many many washings. 

Then I made this shirt for PopPop.
The lettering comes from Pooh Font.  The graphic of the earth (I've used this in so many formats.  I'm almost getting tired of it.) comes from Going Places and the milk shake is the same one I used in the Wonderkid's shirt. 

What do you think of these shirts?  I can promise you, they won't be wearing them out at the same time.

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Tonya W said...

so cute and best of all they have a special meaning;0) thanks for sharing your photos and your story!