Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Pizza Box Wedding Shower Gift

I recently needed to make a wedding shower gift for some family friends.  These friends enjoyed coming to our home and having homemade pizza (one of Moma's specialties).  So, the shower gift became pizza related but it needed a little something extra.  I made a pizza and box using SCAL.  I also decorated the top of the box using the wedding invitation. 

First the pizza box.

This picture shows the design on the invitation with the pizza box design.  I scanned the invitation into my computer -- converting it into a .jpeg.  Then I imported the scan into inkscape.  I cleaned it up and turned it into an svg.  I had to use inkscape because the contrast wasn't great enough and the scan created some added marks.  I then traced the svg in SCAL.  Instead of cutting it, I used my markers to draw the design.  It would have looked better if I had a finer tip on the pen but the only brown pen for my Cricut was a Crayola Mini Pip Squeak.  You can see the brown one still has the pencil finger grip on it.  To draw with your Cricut you take out the blade with the housing and replace it with the pen.  It is easier if you have one of the housings being sold these days but I don't.  I make do with my $.10 pencil grips.

Here is the pizza box open with the pizza sitting in the box.

I found the pizza as an SVG from the Frugal Crafter.   She used them as pizza party invitations.  You should check out how cute her invites were.  She even included the mushrooms and green peppers in the SVG.  If you don't have SCAL you could be creative and use a moon for the top of the mushrooms, a parentheses for the green peppers and a circle for the pepperoni.  The crust is also a bigger circle. The cheese might be tougher but I think it could be done.  The George and Basic Shapes cart would be the place to start.

Here is a close-up of the toppings.
By inking each topping before putting it on the pizza, it added texture and made them even more realistic.  Look at those mushrooms and peppers. 

And don't you think the crust cooked for just the right amount of time.  It has such a wonderful brown coloring.  I'm especially pleased with the crust, if only I could get my real pizzas to look like this one.

And finally, the inside of the pizza.  The whole reason for the box and the pizza was to give the bride the pizza recipe. Once again, each page of the pizza was inked.

In order to print the recipe on each page I first printed it on a piece of paper.  I used my Tombow removable adhesive to place each "crust" over the printed piece of paper.  I then printed the exact same thing and ran the paper with the "crust" back through my printer.  I did this for each page until they were all printed.  Then, I used permanent adhesive -- I like my ATG gun -- to a fix each page to the next.  Then, I had a stack of pizzas in the box but it looked like one thick crust.
This is the final product.  You can see that the crusts didn't line up perfectly but because they were all inked it I think it looked OK.

So, the next time you need to make a gift, I suggest thinking outside the pizza box, or maybe inside the pizza box.

I hope you enjoyed my project.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, looks great! thanks for the link sweetie, love the project!
Lindsay (AKA the frugal crafter)