Sunday, August 1, 2010

Create a Lot Cards

I like the idea of these cards.  I'm all for making a number of different cards with the same theme.  I'm not certain I did this exactly the way Betty Bee did it but I think its close enough.

Here challenge was to make at least THREE Create A Lot cards using Betty's  tutorial, or one of your own. It must have a repeatable pattern, and feature the Cuttlebug.

I made 4 cards, all are A2 and open at the bottom.  The base is white with a card topper and then a decoration.  Two of them have a gold scallop and three have been embossed with Devine Swirls.  I used a couple of different embellishments.

This one has a flower I bought at JoAnn's four for $.97.  I think I had a discount after that also.  I love these flowers, they look so festive and Christmas-y.

I love Creative Charm's embellishments.  I bought a ton of their stuff in June (the deal of the month was to die for).  This is one of the embellishments I bought in that haul.  I need to think about where I want to use some of these velvet flowers.  I'm afraid they will end up staying in my embellishment case because I like them so much I can't part with them.  If recommend checking out the Creative Charms website.

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