Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Northwestern MIddle School -- Technology Timeline part 2

Yesterday, we looked at all of the parts of the timeline created with the Cricut Expression and Cricut Cartridges.  Today we are going to look at the timeline using Sure Cuts A Lot 2.  Sure Cuts A Lot 2 can use many different files and trace them.

I found a black and white telegraph, traced it in SCAL, deleted all of the "extra" pieces and came up with a clean copy of this telegraph.  The base is black and then I added the gray pieces.  The writing was printed on vellum and added to the bottom of the telegraph.

I bought this cut from SVG Cuts. You can find their website here.   It was part of the Crafty Mice SVG Cuts which can be found here

I also purchased some cuts from Creative Delights.  They can be found here.  The TV,  IPod, and old computer monitor are from Family Room Fun. I like the option of purchasing a couple of items from other companies.  I would prefer to use a Cricut cart because they are easier and straight forward but I like the option of going other places.   The movie camera is from the Lights Camera Action set. Each of these sets cost $5.00 but I had a half off coupon.

While I bought a few of the cuts I needed, I also created a number of them.  Some, like I showed yesterday were created with shapes from George and Basic Shapes.  Some, were made by tracing logos and other items easy to find.

Stanford's logo
MIT's logo
MIT and Microsoft Windows
Google logo.  You can barely see the logo for Facebook in the upper left corner. 

Finally, I was looking for the White House.  I thought certainly either Cricut, Creative Delights or SVG cuts would have one, but no.  So, I started looking online.  Believe it or not, I found the White House seal fairly easily.  I then cleaned it up a little bit and this is what I came up with.  I took the details off of the White House, columns, doors, etc. so I would have a place to print "1993:  US White House come on-line; President Bill Clinton:"

I hope you have enjoyed my technology timeline.

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